Interest Group Influence

Interest Group Influence


Samuel Sutlive

Wednesday Feb. 22, 2012

Interest Groups in the 2000s, according to a Counterpunch article, Information War By Interest Groups, have been influencing the Western countries news.

The Istanbul-based Syrian National Council has been controlling the news that the West has been getting however the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is a lobby groups out of London that supports the Syrian citizens. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights seems to be biased towards Syrian citizens and does not usually report ‪Bashar al-Assad’s government employee causalities.

The BBC had said it looked at a “‘leaked’”  report that discussed Taliban support in Afghanistan as well as a corrupt Afghanistan government.

This so called “‘leaked‘” report had lots of information that would be new to an uninformed citizen or reader but had been seen and reported on before.

The Public Affairs issue comes up in this situation because what the West considers new news has often been going on and known for many years.

The Western news might be reporting about government corruption but according to the articles author, Deepak Tripathi the Afghanistans have to learn to work together in their own country.

The “‘leaked‘” report was tied to public affairs because the “‘leak’” was released to create a conflict for Pakistan’s foreign minister, Hina Rabbani Khar who was visiting Afghanistan to have talks with President Karzai but ended up defending or discussing Pakistan’s history instead of the issues she had just had said Deepak Tripathi.

Will the article, Information War By Interest Groups, influence how you look at news?

What news organizations use these so called “‘leaked’” reports and information from lobby groups?

Does this information make you agitated that some news you are hearing is not as objective and transparent as it is advertised?

Will you be researching and picking your news sources more carefully next time you watch the news or read the news paper?


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