Essence, a Moment in Time, Lost, Lazy or Relaxed.

The grass is green the flowers so blue purple and white too. The blooms scent mingles among the air. The birds say yes yes yes and the dogs yell hello to anything they please. The smell really is pleasant *here the silhouette of the canopy above you (the blooms of the trees) the scratchiness of the grass on your arm the birds say hello too as your mind drifts and your soaked up in the air

The grass bent under my back curling and releasing back up as I ever so gradually slide down the hill.


Samuel Sutlive.

* This is originally thought as “The smell really is pleasant. Here the silhouette of the canopy above you….” without the period. I later realized it can be read two different ways without the period. However almost all of this piece is a true stream of consciousness, so I purposefully chose to leave out the period. As a reader you can choose which way you like better and go with that.



March 30, 2015 posted 12:08-12:24 PM April 11, 2015.


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