‘Sea Scarf’ and Other Poems by Victoria Mosley

‘Sea Scarf’ and other poems by Victoria Mosley at poethead.wordpress.com posted by

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This line from Mute Route by Victoria Mosley “masking asking faces” (line seven of Mute Route) is very visual and in my opinion is an example of the imagery that Victoria Mosley uses in her poetry.

I also especially enjoyed these lines from Walk with me ( for my Dad): “Walk with me again over sunlight speckled streams through the tart nettles & the sharp tooth brambles to the smooth green sward of an upland field where the sheep scatter crazily at our feet & the cuckoo spits her tuneless song”.( The first seven lines of Walk with me ( for my Dad).

This stanza or paragraph of poetry evoked in me a memory of frolic and carelessness as a child, bounding through the woods with my parents. Going along a creek and its line crossing one over its rocks. These lines also brought to mind the way the light spills and splays through the tree tops and across the forest line.

Regards, Sam Sutlive.


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