Image I Hear.

Image I hear.

Double rainbows in Brooklyn,

The boy playing ball,

The girl dancing silently

Leaves rustling from her wind.

Whimsicalness in an act,

The loudest families in the street’s masses

Somehow bellowing above all others

Above the clanking cranes

Above the arguments


Whistling drivers

Beats from the ghetto cars,

A diesel’s roar.

by Sam Sutlive Posted April 29, 2015 11:42 PM


2 thoughts on “Image I Hear.

  1. I love the two conflicting ideas portrayed here. To me, I took away that maybe if I look for the good, maybe it will overtake the bad, since there is bad and good in all areas of life, and it is impossible to eradicate all negativity around you.

    • Dear eloquentdeviance,
      Thank you for your comment on Image I hear.
      I like your interpretation of the poem and think what you said definitely can apply to the poem. I wish I could say I had a great meaning behind the poem but I did not start it that way. I originally got the idea from a writer who said that she used the “image[s][and thoughts] I hear” in my head to create ideas and stories. I liked the way that quote sounded. I then tried to make a poem that showed and or told the juxtaposition of seeing images but hearing the sound that the images would make.
      Sam Sutlive.

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