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Where Will I be Going?

In reality I am here in Oconee and Clarke County Ga., United States.

I may travel roads to places far and near

but Where will I Go?

I can virtually See everywhere anytime.

I have been to India, the Philippines, Canada, I have hopped onto Papua New Guinea, and Sited Australia from its shores.

I have Looked at those countries through small windows of portals

Showing worlds not yet Seen.

Canada would be an exception. I have been there on foot and in a car. I have Seen its great rivers at their water’s edge, I have walked Canada’s paths and viewed its lakes.

I have traveled.

And yet I have many places to See in our reality and through the windows of one’s portals.

I hope to see them all one day

Like steps to your next location.


Posted 12:00pm on MAy, 21/22, 2015.

This a Repost of a Blog Post from Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall, Which I found on Miusho’s Blog Website.

This quote can be found at:

Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall at: (Tech Glitch so you get two Cookie Monsters instead of one! BONUS!)



I GREW UP in their world. Cookie monster baked cookie’s one time and got tired of waiting for the cookies to cook so he ate the oven!

GOTTA LOVE IT! Miusho was talking about communities (at:


earlier and this group is the perfect example of one. Bert had a paperclip collection one winter and it was really long. It was a really good paperclip collection that he had been working on and he even had them all clipped together. He lost the paperclip collection somehow and was so sad. I MEAN he was mopey . As a reader you felt for him. Big Bird came up to him and talked to him and helped him look. They couldn’t find the collection anywhere. So Big Bird got everyone to help look. That is community for you. Helping each other and emotional support. A shoulder to lean on.

Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall


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This drawing below is awesome. I especially like the way Miusho drew the glasses and the way the glasses are sitting on the girl’s face.

This drawing by Miusho can be found exclusively at: (tech glitch so you get the drawing twice instead of two URLs and one drawing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

and at his blog post that he posted with this drawing at:



Miusho's Drawing.Posted 9:38pm on May 17, 2015.

Being Appropriate in Comment Conversations ! And ! And Exclamation

Dear Bloggers, Readers, and the General Audience,

I have been reading a lot of blog posts and even more comment posts.

I have come across two different conversations in the comments section of two different blogs that have been inappropriate.

These comment conversations have discussed body parts in a context of scenarios of intercourse and or sexual behavior.

I think that comment conversations can be about sexual relationships or sexual intentions if they are commenting on a blog post that is a story about sex or sexual relationships or if a blog post is about an actual situation that someone has had.

However the two comment conversations I have read and am referring to were not related to the blog post in question. The blog posts in both cases had nothing to do with body parts, sex, or sexual relations.

I do not know about other readers but I am surprised when I come across these comment conversations and ask myself why has this comment conversation gone in this direction?

My advise when you are writing a comment is to imagine that you are talking to the blogger or the other commenter face to face. Anything that you would feel weird or uncomfortable telling someone that is standing next to you, you should feel wary about writing online. Even though you are posting something on the internet, the internet does not give you a shield it is only acting as a partition that would make an awkward situation or be embarrassing for you if the partition was pulled aside.

If you disagree please explain and let me know.

Thank you,


Sam Sutlive.

Posted May 17, 2015 at 12:18