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Comment by noreligionrequired to iDikko‘s post “

The Labelling of Children as XYZ Religion, abuse?

All children are born Atheists. Yes, I am very aware that this is a controversial statement but it does not change the truth of the statement. No child is born with a belief in any deity. Their beliefs are indoctrinated into them by their previously indoctrinated parents. The parents feel obligated to pass on their beliefs to their children and those children pass it on to their children and the cycle continues. It isn’t until someone within that circle starts to think critically that the cycle ends.

The child would be better served to not have it’s parents indoctrinate them with any type of religious beliefs. There is something called the “Age of Reason” to which the child is able to make their own choices. Christians WILL NOT wait until the AOR because they realize if they do not get them while they are young, they do not have a fighting chance in hell.

Once the child is old enough to realize that donkey’s can’t talk, rabbits don’t chew their cud, a man cannot survive three days in the belly of a giant fish, a 600 year old man did not build a big ass boat in the middle of the desert (even Ken Ham can’t build an ark without MILLIONS of dollars, yet we are to believe a primitive 600 year old man and his three 100 year old son’s did it with primitive tools) and no man ever walked on water, the child will recognize the religion for what it is…complete and utter ignorance!

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