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Response to

ariaspkaitysp‘s comment- I’m not religious and I’m letting my child chose. Now my family insists that she attends Catholic Church and classes. I would rather her explore what she prefers most. I was forced as a child and now claim nothing. I’d rather her find her own way.

Which was a response to

The Labelling of Children as XYZ Religion, abuse? by IDIKKO on fluidpalns.

Sacredhandscoven’s comment repsonse:

Raised as the child of a Southern Church of Christ preacher, I know that the Bible I was raised with tells its followers that they must train their children “in the way they would have they go”. I decided to do exactly that with my three sons who are now 20, 18 and 18. I had them study ALL religions from the time they were about 12 years old (same age I was when I dropped Christianity) and we discussed what they had learned, afterward. On what path I wanted them to follow, I explained that it is their soul and they may follow any path, or no path, they choose as long as it calls to their soul. I explained that I wanted them to understand where the people who follow these religions are “coming from”, what they believe, they doctrines, tenets, etc so that they can learn tolerance for the best behaved of them and still be able to argue their own choices intelligently with the nutcases of the various religions they will meet during their lifetime. We all have to deal with a few nutcases sooner or later, sadly.

Thank you very much Sacredhandscoven for your comment post. I really enjoyed reading it.


Sam Sutlive.

Reposted and Posted May 4, 2015 at 9:40pm.


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