This is a very awesome drawing of a couple that PassMeTheBamboo made. I like the relationship between the grey scale or black and white and the little bit of color. The texture of the digital pen or pencil. It is also realistic (it seems that is what you were trying to go for).
Sam Sutlive

Reblogged 12:58pm May10, 2015.


A colleague of mine is a soon to be groom. To commemorate this marvellous event, I sold him a digital painting depicting his soon to be bride and him dancing. He told me that he wanted this painting to have three important key factors. It had to be: Intimate, simple and stunning.

Joris en Elke PDF

As such, I decided to paint his request in black and white, centring him and his fiancée while adding some subtle coloured lighting in the background.

Tell me what you think, if you want.

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