“Love in Ten Sentences [and Four Words Each]” V.

love poem five5

Posted May 10, 2015 in the afternoon, written May 10 2015. Sam Sutlive.


2 thoughts on ““Love in Ten Sentences [and Four Words Each]” V.

  1. That is really difficult thing. Specially for a person like me. I usually run out of words trying to explain something. It’s difficult thing. But You’ve done it great. 7th and 8th sentences are almost similar but meaning of those sentences are so different. It was great!!

  2. Dear Theuglyducklingslife,
    I try to make these ten sentence love poems tell a story. Thank you for your comments and thoughts. I often take a day or two, sometimes more to write the love poems.

    You might like “love in ten sentences and four words each II” because it is trying to describe an April Fools joke. Some guy thought it would be funny to lie and tell his girlfriend that he had cheated on her, however she had actually been cheating on him. Instead of being a stupid joke that was not funny it back fired and he got all mad.
    The computer will not let me paste the poem into this comment conversation box. So I am putting the URL here:

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