Being Appropriate in Comment Conversations ! And ! And Exclamation

Dear Bloggers, Readers, and the General Audience,

I have been reading a lot of blog posts and even more comment posts.

I have come across two different conversations in the comments section of two different blogs that have been inappropriate.

These comment conversations have discussed body parts in a context of scenarios of intercourse and or sexual behavior.

I think that comment conversations can be about sexual relationships or sexual intentions if they are commenting on a blog post that is a story about sex or sexual relationships or if a blog post is about an actual situation that someone has had.

However the two comment conversations I have read and am referring to were not related to the blog post in question. The blog posts in both cases had nothing to do with body parts, sex, or sexual relations.

I do not know about other readers but I am surprised when I come across these comment conversations and ask myself why has this comment conversation gone in this direction?

My advise when you are writing a comment is to imagine that you are talking to the blogger or the other commenter face to face. Anything that you would feel weird or uncomfortable telling someone that is standing next to you, you should feel wary about writing online. Even though you are posting something on the internet, the internet does not give you a shield it is only acting as a partition that would make an awkward situation or be embarrassing for you if the partition was pulled aside.

If you disagree please explain and let me know.

Thank you,


Sam Sutlive.

Posted May 17, 2015 at 12:18


4 thoughts on “Being Appropriate in Comment Conversations ! And ! And Exclamation

  1. Sam Sutlive, Your statement is so “spot on!” It took me a moment to come to grips with the fact that a public blog is just that: public. Visible to the world. I blundered a month into my blogging adventures, and was soundly “blogged upside my head.” It hurt. But lesson learn.
    As for how I prefer to be addressed: I originally wanted to blog about my experience in Advertising – thus the webside link ( and username “Ad Dawg.”) That changed upon posting my first piece. I expect to post a new username in a few days. Ad Dawg will be moved to my advertising only blog soon to debut.

    Thank you for all you kind comments and your visits. I am a new follower for you. Be well.

    • Thank you Ad Dawg. I believe that having a business only blog will be very helpful to you in the long run. I was in Journalism and a lot of Newsmen believed that the excitement and high volume of traffic among and in social media can be used to an advantage in one’s business.

  2. Apparently, people on the internet are protected behind a screen and they think they can just say anything they want! 😥 I don’t bet that they would act this way when in front of the person.

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