“…Pain subsides when love breathes around”.

The title here is a piece of a sentence that Kritika Vashist wrote in one of her stories called “Hearts Like Ours” at https://krivashist.wordpress.com/category/my-story-your-song/

I really like the way this sounds when you read it and the essence it brings to mind.


Sam Sutlive.


6 thoughts on ““…Pain subsides when love breathes around”.

      • Dear Kritika Vashist,
        I am always interested in the weather. I was asking because my sister lives in N.Y. and sometimes our southeast gets cold weather and the northeast is warm and sometimes it is the other way around(regardless of the season). We have a joke that we will blow the weather to whoever needs the cold or warm weather. My apologies if that turned into a tangent.

  1. Dear Kritika Vashist,
    I was trying to explain my question about the weather without being too forward. I sometimes want to know where the people that are blogging live or how much they mix true experiences in with their stories but I do not know how to ask those kind of things without coming off as pushy and without coming off as trying to be too personal with someone that I only know through their blog posts and comments.

    I was in a lot of journalism environments, where we discussed and were taught about professionalism. My fellow students and I were also taught about representing one’s self via different mediums such as social media, the internet, and even the camera and photography. The professionalism that was taught to us was that anything that anyone puts on a medium, specifically the internet and social media is representing the poster/writer, whether the poster/writer realizes it or not. Posting things on the internet and social media is perfectly fine in and of itself, the problem in my opinion is when posters believe that the medium is a shield and that weakens their awareness of cause and effect. Since I have been around journalism I think that has made me over think things like what I am posting but I would rather be safe than be represented poorly just because I did not double check what I had on the screen or website before I hit post and or send.

    P.S. In case you wanted to know the time here, it is 3:34 in the afternoon not 7 or 7:30pm at night as WordPress says.

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