Where Will I be Going?

In reality I am here in Oconee and Clarke County Ga., United States.

I may travel roads to places far and near

but Where will I Go?

I can virtually See everywhere anytime.

I have been to India, the Philippines, Canada, I have hopped onto Papua New Guinea, and Sited Australia from its shores.

I have Looked at those countries through small windows of portals

Showing worlds not yet Seen.

Canada would be an exception. I have been there on foot and in a car. I have Seen its great rivers at their water’s edge, I have walked Canada’s paths and viewed its lakes.

I have traveled.

And yet I have many places to See in our reality and through the windows of one’s portals.

I hope to see them all one day

Like steps to your next location.


Posted 12:00pm on MAy, 21/22, 2015.


6 thoughts on “Where Will I be Going?

  1. There are indeed different ways to See countries and places.. Seeing them up close and in real always seems so much more interesting though. 😮

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