Sophie Kat’s Telepathic Writing Challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And My own To Whom Ever Wants To Do One!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sophie Kat telepathically challenged me to a creative writing topic. I did it for Five minutes. The topic question or topic theme is below. The writing piece is also below unedited.

And, this is the topic given to me: What would you rather be, a vampire or a werewolf? And Why?

I would rather be a werewolf. I think that being able to roam the woods as a animal once or twice a month would be pretty nice for a dysfunction or inhanced genetic kaeup/ change. I would not be a nasty roaring scary flesh tearing werewolf though, I would be like a wolf that comes out of the darkness to live for a few days a moth and then goes back and disappears for a while not to be seen for weeks on end. I would also be the guy/animal next door that had the possibility of bad features but a kind heart and sweet gestures. A werewolf would have the ability to help neighbors, be strong, and supportive, maybe supportive, or a word that is better than supportive.

‘No. of words = ____”



Posted 1:06 June, 10, 2015.

Five to Ten minute time to take on the below:

I challenge anyone that wants to do this with the question theme:

Screen shot 2015-06-10 at 1.04.33 AM


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