Award Questions, Thoughts, Opinions, and Answers.


This image is made from a block print by Rene’ Shoemaker of Athens and Watkinesville GA., and was posted as the feature image for this blog post but may or may not actually show up in the featured image area.

Dear Readers,

I was recently given the Liebster Award and the Creative Blogger Award from Sandra Jackson, who can be found at:

I want to acknowledge the fact that I do not remember if I answered questions from the first Creative Blogger Award I was given. I am going to try and find them and do them.

If the screenshots of the Word document pages are too small, the screenshots should be clickable for enlargement in a new page.

I have been working on Sandra’s questions for about three days. I am posting the information about me below.

1. Award Response Info (ARI) 2.(ARI)3. (ARI) 4. (ARI) 5. (ARI) 6. part 1 (ARI) 6. part 2 (ARI) 7. part 1 (ARI) 7. part 2 (ARI) 8. part 1 (ARI) 8. part 2 (ARI) 9. part 1 (ARI) 9. part 2 (ARI) 9. part 3 (ARI) Z. Creative Blogger Award Facts about Samuel Sutlive (CBAFSS) 1. z. (CBAFSS) 2. z. (CBAFSS) 3.


2 thoughts on “Award Questions, Thoughts, Opinions, and Answers.

  1. Dear Readers,
    I have used the featured image option before and WordPress put my image on the header of that one post. Does anyone know why it would not work or could not work for this completely different post with a completely different featured image?
    Thank you,

  2. Dear Readers,
    I saw that on some electronic devices that some screenshot pages are showing up blank. If you click on the the blank space and or the name then a new window should come up with information that I had written in response to the question at hand.
    Thank you,
    Regards and best,
    Sam Sutlive.

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