Let’s Get Southern.

Dial in Thomas Lauter as the champagne flows down throats from tacky glasses. “No dessert ma’m unless yu got sweetened expresso”- “No need to press it hard since your adding sugar, not that it’s the real thing anyway”.

By Sam Sutlive, prose based on reality. Posted 12:58 on June 18, 2015.


One thought on “Let’s Get Southern.

  1. Dear Sandra and Izza Ifzaal,
    Thank you two for reading my post about a small Southern moment.
    I am sorry about the dessert typo, I had thought about it and said the word out loud but still misspelled it.

    I was at a restaurant and two people at my table asked for expresso shots. The waitress asked if they needed room for “sweeteners” and I was shocked! I had only heard of expressos as a small amount of strong dark coffee. However my dad, Harvey says that some people get sweeteners with any kind of coffee.
    Everyone does have their own preference in taste and I am fine with that, this was just a new one for me!

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