What I Saw on the Way to Work.

Photos taken between 11:30am and 11:42 am on June 27,2015. Posted 4:11pm.



By Sam.


2 thoughts on “What I Saw on the Way to Work.

  1. Hello!!! I am doing pretty well, Alright as some people say.
    Theuglyducklingslife how has your day been?
    Do you have a preferred name by the way?

    I am listening to a collection of Queen songs right now and am having pretty fun with their music!

    I will be honest with you right now. I like some challenges. I do not like all challenges. I do not like the quote challenges. However my coworker Taylor said if you don’t know quotes just make em up, right? Like why not I guess?????

    Anyway. I am going to do some quotes or whatever.

    I am taking it as an interesting creative perk to stretch my mental boundaries on the way I usually think.

    First of all please do not be disappointed if I do not nominate others (although I might nominate Owen) and secondly I do not know when I am going to start this. I probably will start it tomorrow but can not give you a 100% guarantee (Work will be busy but our meal breaks (I work at a dining hall) might be long (we will see)).

    This may come off as negative or rude but that is not my intention, I am just trying to be straight forward with you as one writer and blogger to another writer and blogger.

    Sam Sutlive,

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