View from Work.

Photos with book taken 3:30pm on June 28, 2015 white divider photo taken at 11:32pm on June 28, 2015. All three photos by Sam. Posted at 11:50pm on June 28, 2015. Book Credit at bottom.
Tono 3 view 6 28, 2015

white devider image for June 28, 2015 on the way to work series.Tono 2 view 6 28, 2015

By Sam.

Book Credit:

Daido Moriyama-Tales of Tono. Translated from Japanese by Lena Fritsch with an afterward by Simon Baker. Tate Publishing. Copyright Tate 2012. Photos in book taken in 2010.

A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library ISBN #: 978 1 84976 094 2

Originally published in Millbank. London SWIP 4RG

Athens Ga. U.S. University of Georgia Main Library catalogue shelf number: TR 655 .M675 2012. On Seventh Floor.


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