Hello Fellow Bloggers and Thank You.

Dear Fellow Bloggers, Writers, and Commenters,

I would like to thank all of you for looking at my blog and liking some of my poems and or photos (photos from cell for now, until further notice).

Even if I do not respond to all of y’alls likes and comments I am looking at them. I will also at least look at the blogs of bloggers who have liked my posts.

I will be posting one or two more Views From Work photos but there will be a gap because I have several days off from being at work.

I would specifically like to thank M. Funk for viewing and liking some of my photos even though they are from a cell phone. I will always be an admirer and fan of your work M. Funk.

I would also like to thank Owen for posting a photo that helped to respark my interest in taking 35mm film photographs.

And Finally I would like to thank Joshi Daniel for also helping me to get enthusiastic again about taking 35mm film photographs.

Thank you to everyone for your support,


Sam Sutlive.


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