View From Work Series Is Back!

All photos taken on July 5, 2015 (with one exception from 1998). Blog Post Posted 12:28pm July 6, 2015.

Long street views are Lumpkin St.

Today was a quiet day in Athens, Ga. Taken 7:00-7:03am.
imageimageIf you are leaving the building above and coming towards the forefront of the above photo you would cross Lumpkin and drive towards the background of the below photo.


These flowers are blooming off to the side of the sidewalk on Lumpkin St. Taken between 6:43 and 6:52am.

Light and darkness taken at 8:30am.

IMG_2212My locker door taken at 4:05pm. Page cut (and blue guy smoking (or toothpick chewing) profile) from Super Crooks The Heist, a Mike Miller and Leinil Yu Comic, blue business card is Rene’ Shoemakers- You can find her Fine Art on Silk at, Italian scooter photograph taken on 35mm film camera in 1998 by me:


Lumpkin St. telephone pole wire (taken between 7:00 and 7:03am.) and pool view from pool bench (taken at 4:30pm.) also on Lumpkin St.

IMG_2217Have a great sleep, nice night, or awesome day on July 6, 2015 depending on which one you fit in or are doing.




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