The Ugly Duckling’s Life’s Quote challenge, Post Three. Two Quotes and Figuratively Half of a Quote.

The Ugly Duckling’s Life’s quote challenge.

Thank you to The Ugly Duckling’s life.

About a month ago I remet an old friend named Ashley. I ran into her in Food Services at the University of Georgia, Athens Ga. We were closing a dining hall together and she said,:

“Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork” I love this quote and or expression, It has a nice ring to it, and it is true, our teamwork makes the and our dreamwork.



The below story is more of a reflection on a moment that I was part of. It is something someone said but is not an inspirational quote unless you over analyze it but we are or I am not going to do so (I say this now and then proceeded to provide a deeper meaning for those who would want one). This might not even need to be written on this quote challenge blog post but I felt like writing it down. So I will not get offended (not that I do anyway) if you just skip the below section or read it and let it go out one ear. I am sorry if anyone thinks I should not post the below section but I still feel like doing so.


Sam Sutlive.

On a silly note,

Someone today at work was looking at the clock that is between Deli and Grill and is five minutes fast. He accidentally made it fall on the ground. The battery popped out and rolled under a table. He said “This is how we fix things (we all chuckled)”.

If you are reading this and want a deeper reflection into this statement and or quote it is that if one looks at the details of the operation at work it can be a bit crazy sometimes. A teacher once told me “fall forward if something happens and learn from it, fall forward.”

In this case the falling forward is simple but still important: We fixed the clock so it is not five minutes fast.




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