View From Work Series For July 7, 2015. Final post 2:03am July 9, 2015

Time stamps for July 7, 2015s View From Work were not recorded but would have been between 12:48pm and 6:00pm.


I really really like this one.

And am attached to the one below of the reflection.

Thesephotographs- On The Way To Work, here and  below were taken between 11:45 and 11:50am on July 7, 2015. (P.S. If I hit enter or the space bar between These and photographs the WordPress program separates them on either end of the reflection photograph so that is why I am not putting a space between those two words)

By Sam Sutlive Copyright Sam Sutlive.


Sam Sutlive


Below are two photos that are blurry because I quickly took them. I like the idea of the stairs and or the feet on the stairs as a subject for a photo and will be revisiting this in a more controlled manner. These do not have a title but if they did they would be the Crazy Stairs Photos. The time stamp was also not recorded but these were taken between 12:48 and 6:00pm as well.


Sam Sutlive
IMG_2262 IMG_2265


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