Like Autumn Leaves by Owen.

I am reposting Owen’s blog post Like Autumn Leaves. I think y’all will enjoy this poem.

No Talent For Certainty

[I realize that this post does not directly answer the question the prompt has, but it is what thinking about the prompt produced. – Owen]

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Daily Prompt: “I’ve Become My Parents” — Do you ever find yourself doing something your parents used to do when you were a kid, despite the fact you hated it back then?

= = = = =

Like my dad, I’m talkative and lonely;
Like my mom, gregarious, but sad.
My father hid himself inside his music,
My mom would hide in all those books she had

And when my father died, I barely knew him;
My mom is still alive, but far away —
Now like my dad, I have few friends around me,
And like my mom, I lead a quiet day

Our lives, such narrow paths that there’s no leaving,
Held back, led on, by…

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