A Little Story.

Two Simple Scenarios:

Which is more true my friends ask?


the audience.

Decide on that one, I say.


The First


The muscled skinny kid hit the Vice Principle; it turned into a tussle, which turned into a nightmare somehow being the same for all who was there.

The dreams were violent and disruptive for some,

Shrugged off by others.


The Second— 


The parents didn’t know about the gunshot.

It was louder than it was dangerous.

It hit the wood bench and instead of making more noise it quenched the sound,

Silence became nothing.

The boy who screamed and bunched his shoulders wasn’t heard.


A charge, a slammed shoulder,     WAS IT,     gates banging against brick?




Written by Sam Sutlive on January 4, 2017 in the middle of the day.

Rewritten and posted here between 1:14 and 1:58pm on February 10, 2017.



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