The Round. One Time Special Day.



Everyone Has Them.

Government building,

Three signs being seen as you go through two doors.

The man isn’t spending much time on the phones-

He Understands.

HE DOES, check the line making sure everyone stays organized.

Looking at the trim man in jeans and red Reeboks over to the mohawked child with the red haired mom.

The child is looking sharp being proud in his green pants and camouflaged shoes.              “You thirsty?” says his smile, “I got water if you are.”

Making a sweeping glance-  the security lady thinking he wants a tour.

“What You Looking At Son? You want to Come With Me on a Round.”

They walk hand and hand; checking the doors, the citizens on their computers, and ask the sleeping hazy looking guy if he’s alright,

“You need some water,” says the security lady, “We got Mr. Water Man here today with us. A One Time Special.” Conversation, as one sided as it is peters out and ends.

The duo team continues wrapping up their check of the building.

“Everything Is Good We Say”

The child mentions to an employee that, 

You may need to check in on the hazy sleepy looking guy this afternoon.” 

This is the only concern. 

The mohawked child says thank you and goes over to his red headed mother to wait while she finishes working on one of the computers.





Idea and first draft written by Sam Sutlive on February 9, 2017 around late morning and mid day.

Rewritten, edited, and posted here by Sam Sutlive on February 12, 2017 between 10:50ish and 11:36pm, and 11:36 to 11:54pm.


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