Title: Pulsating GLITTER.————- Ananya’s Poem Flowing Into Sam’s Poem Inspired by ananya’s poem.


Written by Ananya and Sam Sutlive Poem posted on February 13, 2017 at 4:00pm., for the February 12 and February 13, 2017 blog post.

Ananya’s poem Unheard Musings is in quotes and can be found at:




The underlines, space, and font changes are mine and everything else including the content of the poem and punctuation of Unheard Musings is Ananyas.





“Do you hear me
the things that I don’t utter?
Will you only do so,
when my words will come coated with glitter?

How could you not?
My soul’s




If you don’t want to,
you pleasantly be my guest.”

Glitter Glitter on the wall what do you see after all.

Never ending exchanges of Insincerity, 

with Souls lurking for hard to find Sincerity, 

an Open Ear,

Only finding silence disguised as politeness…

The glitter now is our wall

intermingled with

Whisperings of Hellos 

Several more good byes replied 

Just a Glittery Wall,

A loud speaker for feigning empathy-

would you not rather have a lack of sincerity?







Ananya’s website URL:


Poem In quotes written by Ananya and the second half of the poem starting with Glitter Glitter on the wall is written(only the written version is here on the blog), recorded, and edited by Sam Sutlive on February 12, 2017 between 4:50 and 9:26pm.



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