Elton John and John Lennon Friendship In My Head.


Welcome to another day with a poetry post or I should be saying night for Poetry Month. I hope you enjoy and have a great evening, night or day!-



Rough Draft, may be revised.


Newspaperwomen drive by

grand Bentley’s are their score,

They get the job done

They have their coffees

The paper is there

they don’t even read it.

Knowing what it says

Tables waver

letters spin

turn upside down

wood becoming smooth

glasses tilt.

A man walks by

a hazy day becoming sunny, too bright—

his dog says:

It is just you in your head, you are floating in the sky in a Travel By Map Mercedes,

“Can’t you tell.”

The woman only nods letting the dog pass.

drinking coffee.

She’s the newspaper taxiwoman.

A quickie by Sam Sutlive, written on April 2, 2017 around 9:45 to around 9:54pm.


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