Good Souls Can Be Dangerous Too. (For April 10, 2017).

The Old Soul crept by,

No one noticed

it was so kind.


It was a good soul

helping others,

feeding the homeless,

listening to Bach and Beethoven.


That soul had been around

It had seen the world

been back again.


It helped the helpless

fed on the weak.

It opened the door for one

stabbed the other:

watch out if it doesn’t show both hands when one is meeting this good old soul,

it knows its politics.

It once, with George W. Bush told some nameless country it cheated on their spouses, all in a wave. (This actually happened. George W. Bush was visiting some country and waved in such a manner that meant to the locals that he was messing with their wives. I looked and couldn’t find the actual instance I am referring too.)


At night the good old soul roams the streets

looking for a new victim

thinking up a new scheme.

You may see it as a nice soul

You may see it as a dark soul

You may not see it at all

Until it is too late to see at all.

Weak rhyme at the end with the two all. Sorry about that!    🙂


Written by Sam Sutlive on April 11, 2017 between 11:10pm and 11:30pm for April 10, 2017. Posted 11:25pm on April 11, 2017.










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