April 3rd Poem Written on April 4th, 2017 And April 4th Poem(Thoughts, not any one poem-mostly loose ideas) written on April 4th 2017.


Actual Exchange.

“Hello Boo”

“Hey, how you doing?”

“Good, you”

“Just alright,

Don’t got a light though, sorry.”

“No worries, somewheres in here”

Draft written by Sam Sutlive on April 3rd, 2017 around 11:00pm after exchange happened.

This draft written between 7:16 and 7:27pm on April 4th, 2017 for April 3rds poetry entry.

-I read a review for a book of poetry turned prose by Alice Notley called Certain Magical Acts. It sounds like it will be good. I am having a hard time imagining a four page poem for now,  or even a book length poem.

-Flannel wavering

from jumping too high

cat tail PAUSE


-Tall women rolling their shoulders to hip hop.

-The host was charismatic. Little and fierce her expression was written across her face.

-Forehead splitting,

love is overrated honed into horizontely stripped pants

-communicate to a point, get there it is all in a nod point to point we got this.

-You watching their eyes wander, how much do you read into what you see?Into what you see that they see?


neck muscles too tight

hiphop here to stay

-wolf hats spinning can not see

-Image poems do not work but the sailors boat sinks as we fall.

-Double hearting this tight neck, solid letters sounding zip zip orroo.  I love the waviness, their reflections, that  structure on the right, how it mimics the one on the left yet all together different as the same. I feel its wetness and fogginess. Something at bay that is about to breach and touch me to wash over me.

-Ideas flow through the guys mind. He is writing a book, publishing it he says. You do not need a religious leader breathing down your neck he says.

Written by Sam Sutlive on April 4, 2017 for April 4, 2017 between 7:27 and 9ishpm and then between 10ish and 11:19pm and posted at 11:21pm on April 4, 2017.

P.S. Do you all like saying in this blog April 4th 2017 or April 4, 2017? I used both here and would like someone else’s opinion.

Thank you,


Sam Sutlive.


Elton John and John Lennon Friendship In My Head.


Welcome to another day with a poetry post or I should be saying night for Poetry Month. I hope you enjoy and have a great evening, night or day!-



Rough Draft, may be revised.


Newspaperwomen drive by

grand Bentley’s are their score,

They get the job done

They have their coffees

The paper is there

they don’t even read it.

Knowing what it says

Tables waver

letters spin

turn upside down

wood becoming smooth

glasses tilt.

A man walks by

a hazy day becoming sunny, too bright—

his dog says:

It is just you in your head, you are floating in the sky in a Travel By Map Mercedes,

“Can’t you tell.”

The woman only nods letting the dog pass.

drinking coffee.

She’s the newspaper taxiwoman.

A quickie by Sam Sutlive, written on April 2, 2017 around 9:45 to around 9:54pm.

April= POETRY.

Welcome to April, It is Poetry Month!

Volvos and Bazookas

coming down the lane-

You don’t look close enough

you’ll think you see a chair wrapped around basketball poles.

We are coming

We are coming for you.


Written by Sam Sutlive on April 1, 2017 around 5:30 and 5:44pm.



What Medium Do You Use To Draw/Make art In?


If you draw or paint,

I am curious what kind of mediums you use?

I mostly use pen to draw and some number 2 pencils and some old school thick led pencils with the heavy metal body.

I also paint sometimes(dabbled for a couple of months spread out over two years) with GOLD spray paint.

I read from March 5, 2017 that Holly from Angel in The Dust wants to know if Shari drew 20 people?

Now I want to know if you, Shari drew 20 people?

Thank you,

Enjoy your day and or night everyone!




“Lilypond-User”-A Nice Origin Story.

Something else I found that has a neat story in it.


Title for email thread:

The origin of the name lilypond

From: dax2
Subject: The origin of the name lilypond
Date: Wed, 8 Sep 2004 10:54:39 +0200

Some days ago I read something interesting (and/or amusing)
about the origin of the name Lilypond.

What was the idea behind the name Lilypond?

Where can I read the (surprising?) story?

Would you add it to the preface (Documentation)?

I think it was in the docs for Lilypond but I cannot seem
to find it though I have been searching for two hours:

Google, http://lilypond.org/


mudela->LilyPond ./Documentation/misc/CHANGES-1.3

etc. etc. …

The reason for the choice of the name was beautiful and
a little surprising: Lilypond was a place of peace? But I
cannot find the reference.

Thank you for the beautiful documentation – which has been
improved a lot since I started with lilypond-1.6.


Donald Axel

dax2-tele2adsl:dk — d-axel.dk/ Donald Axel

Re: The origin of the name lilypond

From: Pedro Kroger
Subject: Re: The origin of the name lilypond
Date: Wed, 08 Sep 2004 09:31:47 -0300
User-agent: Gnus/5.1006 (Gnus v5.10.6) Emacs/21.3.50 (gnu/linux)
dax2 <address@hidden> writes:

> Some days ago I read something interesting (and/or amusing)
> about the origin of the name Lilypond.
> What was the idea behind the name Lilypond?
> Where can I read the (surprising?) story?
> Would you add it to the preface (Documentation)?
> I think it was in the docs for Lilypond but I cannot seem
> to find it though I have been searching for two hours:

How about the lilypond faq?

Why the weird name?

Han-Wen: I started Lily (our affectionate name for LilyPond) in
1996. Back then, I was in an amateur symphonic orchestra together with
Jan. I had a crush on this magnificent girl in the orchestra: her name
was Suzanne, she played both the flute and the cello, and (of course) I
thought she was very pretty.

At the time, Jan was dating Roos (Dutch for ‘Rose’ — she also played
the cello). I also knew about about a package Rosegarden (a GUI MIDI
sequencer and notation editor). When I found out that ‘Susan’ is Hebrew
for ‘lily’, I decided that calling the package ‘LilyPond’ would match
make the nomenclature of the rest of my life perfectly.

Some things don’t last—the two girls, the cellos and the orchestra,
all have disappeared from our lives. LilyPond however has survived over
time. It is a big, mature program with a healthy user-base and good
prospects. Best of all is, that we still have a good time hacking on it



Found on February 18, 2017 on http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/lilypond-user/2004-09/msg00089.html

Posted by Sam Sutlive on February 18, 2017 at 11:21am.


.LY in the World of the Internet. According to the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority.

Finding interesting things when doing searches on Google.

I was looking up lie because sometimes I forget what the spellings of similar words are. Sometimes I know them and don’t remember and sometimes I actually don’t know them.

Ly came up on Wikipedia as Libya and I being one that does not use Wikipedia looked to see who they referenced. One of the references was Ianna.

So here is telecommunication info on Ly.

Delegation Record for .LY
Sponsoring Organisation

General Post and Telecommunication Company
Al Zawia st.
GPTC Tower
Administrative Contact

Marwan K. Maghur (LY ccTLD Director)
General Post and Telecommunication Company
Al Zawia st.
GPTC Tower
Email: maghur@gmail.com
Voice: +218 91 2123880
Fax: +218 21 3614170
Technical Contact

Khaled Esheh (Technical Manager)
Libya Telecom and Technology
Alshut Road
P.O. Box 91612
Email: k.esheh@ltt.ly
Voice: +218 21 3400020
Fax: +218 21 3400039
Name Servers

Registry Information

URL for registration services: http://www.nic.ly/
WHOIS Server: whois.nic.ly

IANA Reports

IANA Report on the Redelegation of the .LY Top-Level Domain (2005-08-05)
Record last updated 2016-07-01. Registration date 1997-04-23.

Information found on the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority- Ianna.
Posted by Sam Sutlive on February 18, 2017 at 10:59am