The Phone Call That Never Ends, As One Police Officer in a grocery store sub line said, “You Can Never Get Away.” (Day 6)

He’s my neighbor.

He’s great in every way.

We wave passing by to our own destinations.

If there is time we chitchat.

“How’s the weather? You get any good mail?”

Same old Same old,

It is nothing against him,

Or maybe its me.

We don’t have the same interest in life or politics or other wise.

I know he is a nice  guy.

I just want to sit down and meet him, see who he is, and what’s he done.

How did he become a police officer?

Why did he move out to our(my in this case) neck of the woods.

and so on, a real conversation.

That old phone rings again though.

If he’s not on a call, he has one to make.

It really isn’t his fault,

pressure from work

some guy or gal acting up.

Just  today, I was talking to the mailman and he came up to get his mail,

having to wait a while sense the mailman was driving and he was driving and I was walking.

I waited for him to pull up and said hey how are you today. I just wanted to say hi.

He responded with a distracted but well meaning ” Fine, no time y’all held me up enough already.”

Maybe next time I can call,

Maybe next time I can call and say I am swinging by.

Work pressures are a stress.

Any suggestions for a last line?




Written by Sam Sutlive on April 7, 2018 for April 6 2018’s day of/for Poetry month.

Hand written around 2:30pm and typed 4:30pm posted 4:50pm on April 7, 2018.


Animals.(Day 5)

What must the squirrel think as she runs.

A being known to have sticks that send wallops nearby

and loud hallowing by prey the beings hold dear.


A little moment seen as I was walking home from the mailbox. Written by Sam Sutlive on April 7, 2018 at 4:20pm and posted 4:22pm. For April  5, 2017’s poetry day for Poetry Month.

Sharon And K’s Bout Of Strategy. SUBTITLED. A Fun Little Story. (Day?Continuous).

Some people say Kylo and Darth Vader aren’t comparable. To me though Kylo is the new Darth Vader in town.

Anyway my friends Sharon and K like creating moments of exchange and thought with Kylo and Ray figurines. This story is based their(the characters) experiences.


Scene set up by and Photograph taken by Kerry Mitchell.


“Hey, how is it down there in the valley of the tree?

Have you stayed dry?

It rained pretty hard last night!

You see me as a threat!

My Light Saber is Raised, Be Warned,

Yet not Forlorn.

It might just be a greeting,

such as how some old 17th century knight might walk around with a sword pointed down but out,

Ready at a moments notice.

Why so shy??

Don’t you feel the force?

It will rise us above our wildest dreams.”


“Dry enough, the breeze cuts currents of silent air around the ripples of this tree.

It is cool here too.”

Rey Continues,

“Yesterday was the worst though.

I had to battle in front of fields of fire. 

The heat and blaze was bright with puffy tips of black,

I could barley see.

I became soaked with sweat

as the day wore on, battles increasing,

flames and bodies aflicking alike



Photograph taken by Kerry Mitchell.

I never had the problem of sweating against heat

yet I found suddenly, knew internally to be allergic to such things as fires, burners, and walls of heat.

The battle rose to a peak

the pawns had died off leaving Satco boxes of steel crawling out of yellow blue striped cases,

Their leaders stood rooted on pillars under metal tortes shells.

The Satco steel boxes came swinging from their corner,

corner to corner they came chanting Heil mein Anführer ! Heil mein Anführer! Heil mein Anführer! (Heil my leader).

I had to blow and blast them away with my swaths of light I spewed from/out of my magical arm.

I used my staff when that failed!

The staff was all powerful!

Is Always All Powerful!

A soul

A Beast

A Human

An animal.

All wrapped in one!

It would know how to out wit you any day kylo!

So yes I am pretty comfortable now sense I have this breeze and am in the crook of the valley of the tree.


All the while

day and night:

dawn, morning, noon, evening, and dusk I have magical birds with me.

your kind cannot see such things even with the power of the Force.

Yesterday they helped me in my weakest moments,

calling from afar:

I Am Here

I Am Here

I Am Here

I Am Here

I Am Here.


Invisible Birds you say?

I chatter to the words and silences of holograms-

Leia is my most frequent guest

Her old adversary Snokes visits me quite a bit though to gripe about the 9 sins of his wise cat that ran away.

Kylo continues, “I’ll be honest though…” ” Sometimes when I look like I am concentrating on zapping something or moving the tea pot across the room, hu humm medicinal tea, hugh hum, anyway as I was saying across the room I am really listing to Versus and rocking out in my head. I think that is why everyone thinks I am so cool and suave because I look focused even though it is just the music.”

Rey, “music you say?”


I was fighting Robotic beings trying to help Ezra Bridger get a sith holocran so we could  break its triangular like form over the cliffs of Roann so they (it was one we are trying to get and their singular form is known to shape sift into multiple stationary objects so we use- it and they and the- form interchangeably when we are referencing the quote on quote sith holocrans, “which I actually think are evil in case anyone was,is asking!?!”) would dissipate and not be able to reform. The sith, Rey continues to rant, really, it is getting annoying saying sith holocran every time I want to reference the devil of a thing!!!?! I am declaring we call it the SITH, and we will all know what we are referencing! Anyway on top of my anyway, I was going to say the sith don’t breath no oxygen, so once we get them open on the rocks they aren’t able to reform and rebirth themselves.



Did you ask about music Kylo?


No, Not really. I was just saying to your birds of endurance and guidance I have my music.




That was anti-climatic.

Did you hear… that tree… fall… just now… Listen…








LISTENING, (he momentarily grimaces, which Rey does not see in the act of looking off in the distance.)

KYLO thinking to himself,

{What is going on?}


Did you know are ages are so far apart we wouldn’t even exist in a close enough generation to overlap and be able to fight together?





Well, there is a way around that. He was a fit 26ish year old and I was a fit beyond my years 8 year old. I went back in time as an 8 year old and he went forward into time as 26ish yearold until we met. Then we went forward in time together(transporting as one entity) to you Kylo and mine’s present day that we are talking in here and now.


I just make a twin me and let that twin go to other dimensions,

sorta like Bleach if you want to visualize it without the pill. My twin is exactly like me though and doesn’t do stuff I wouldn’t do.









That Again?


I wouldn’t drag it out,

Thats not me!


I  Like In The Stars by Icona Pop, spinning to Leonard Cohen’s original album version of Nevermind and his song Slow, and soaking up the reverberating voice of Van Morrison in his This Weight.










The last Jetty that floats invisible through the road or through the forest with ray guns and reflected shields, no other can conquer our force!


Conversation exchange written by Sam Sutlive on April 6 and 7th, and April 27(1:00 to 1:41pm reposted 1:42pm)  2018 at night posted also at night no specific time stamp remembered. April 6 and 7th Inspired by photographs(the above photographs) of Kylo and Rey figurines that were taken by Kerry Mitchell.




Does The Maze Leave Anything To Remember. (A Rhetorical Question For Mental Review and Awareness).(Day 4) A Nod To Cycpyper.


“I dread the crowds
Where I see many faces but none [of] yours
Amidst all this haze
Is life anything but a maze?” exert from a poem by Cycpyper*.

But a Maze

Of intertwining lives,

Must you go out and about?

I went to a market,

an event or two

Walked around the block saw the neighbors

a few kittens.

The moments so real

end so quick,

How to hold on

Or decide to let go

Only to remember the essence of the moment-

Relaxed and kind,

In kind we return.

At the end of the day it is a walk around the block,

A cats meow

Honked horn

The man or woman bicycling by.

The essence will remain though in my mind as a dream seen from a far.

We will be there.

The next week did you feel the déjà vu as you discussed the poor growing season and the leaking roof in the corner over the sink. The market man was so relatable that part was new. That part was new? That part was new I knew it to be too. That part was new wasn’t it, was it not? The edginess under the tones floating by was barley visible to our tastes. Did we discuss such, Who knew?




Written by Sam Sutlive on April 6, 2018 for April 4 2018’s day of/for Poetry month with inspiration from and stanza borrowed from *Cycpyer’s poem titled Fear at:

Sam Sutlive’s poem written in Oconee between 6:49pm and 8:00pm on April 6, 2018.

The Lost Twin.(Day 3)

Day 3 Poem/Haiku for April’s Poetry Month.


Geese Sounds,

A Soul Crying In The Night.


Written by Sam Sutlive on April 6, 2018 for April 3 2018’s day of/for Poetry month.

Written in Oconee between 7:30pm and 8:10pm on April 6, 2018.

The Devil Doesn’t Count (Title May Change?).(Day 2)

April 2, 2018’s poetry month poem.


The Devil Doesn’t Count.


Black cats swaying back and forth

Jiving to music over the loud speaker.

They don’t worry about the letters on the wall

of hate


statements that the world will end.


They dance away

And if the devil comes a riding near

they whip their sunglasses cool as can be.


Written by Sam Sutlive April 2, 2018 in Oconee County Ga., at 9:00 to 9:20pm.

Increasingly Seen- Unwanted And Unnecessary. (Day 1)


April fist Poem.



Increasingly Seen As Unwanted and Unnecessary.


Generational habits of

Poisoned veins

Passed down.

Passed down to disgruntled men and women breaking away from their darkest elders.

Breaking from their Nation’s way of creating a body count-

A label stating- we kill causing death,

Covered up by a quote from the Nation, “this is a hard days work” that the young ones know is a blanket statement of claimed material ownership that was never passed from Nation to Nation.

The young ones that stick around get diseases and cancers from their old men and brood falling backwards into alcoholic doubt.


April’s Poetry Month Poem Written by Sam Sutlive in Oconee County Ga., on April 1st, 2018 between 7:55pm and 8:50:09pm and posted on WordPress at 9:48pm.